Company principles

Quality, security, health and environmental protection

InduRec is a medium-sized company based in Weinheim in the Bergstraße and we offer a comprehensive range of services in the field of controlled renaturation of plants and buildings, the dismantling of technical equipment and machines, and the gutting and partial demolition of buildings.  Further core business activities include the sanitization of building material pollutants and contaminated soil as well as the disposal of contaminated and polluted waste from building, demolition and production activities.

The quality of our work and the secure, accident-free and legal conformity of the tasks we undertake are of paramount importance for the success and image of our company.  We want to meet the challenges presented by the market and satisfy the expectations, requirements and quality standards of our customers.

The safety and quality policy of our company is based on the following principles:  safe and accident-free execution of our services:

  • avoidance of injury
  • damage and environmental pollution to buildings or the area surrounding    our work sites and also guaranteeing the safety of third parties
  • compliance with the respective national laws pertaining to the environmental and waste fields
  • customer satisfaction across the board, as a reliable and effective partner to our customers
  • promoting qualifications, motivation and instilling a sense of responsibility in our employees
  • information and selection of our subcontractors with regard to compliance with the quality specifications (legal security, occupational safety, equipment and qualification)
  • availability and serviceability of the technical equipment
  • adherence to contractual stipulations and delivery dates
  • effective and economic use of the required resources
  • continuous improvement of our quality, occupational safety and the health and environmental protection

We believe that we can only create a sustained base for the development of our company by working on a partnership basis with our customers, employees and suppliers.

The implementation of these principles and continuous efforts to improve our quality, the occupational safety, and the health and environmental protection is the task and responsibility of the management, the managers and all employees in our company.

We review our company principles on an annual basis and modify them if necessary to changing circumstances and customer requirements.

Company principles

Our commitment to quality and what you can expect when working with us.
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ARGE Baustoffe

We operate a certified recycling operation together with the company RCM Abfallbehandlung.
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