Land recycling

flaechenrecycling.jpgThis area of our business not only includes classic excavation work but also the removal and dismantling of tips and dams and the construction and profiling of dumps and waste sites. Thanks to the use of sand-gravel-crushed stone / sand-stone chips-crushed stone mixes of various grains which we prepare ourselves, we produce surfaces of varying load bearing capacities in accordance with the TL Sob to customer specifications.

We also use recycled mineral substances here according to the quality criteria laid down in the TL Stone and the QRB guidelines and also substances from natural deposits.

We can also offer you innovative concepts in the field of stabilised and solidified soils and soil-like substances.

The agreed technical requirements are verified and documented during the course of the construction work.

Often our work involves creating a load-bearing, non-bound, true-to-profile surfaces with a surface accuracy of ± 1 cm as preparation for concrete, asphalt or paving work.

The work is completed by our experienced and specially trained staff in connection with cutting-edge laser-controlled equipment.

Company principles

Our commitment to quality and what you can expect when working with us.
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ARGE Baustoffe

We operate a certified recycling operation together with the company RCM Abfallbehandlung.
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