Gutting and demolition

entkernung_abbruch.jpgGutting involves dismantling all the objects fitted into plants and facilities that do not have an effect on the structural stability of the building. Primarily this involves windows and doors, heating systems, air conditioning equipment, sanitary installations, flooring, panelling and dry walls etc. The actual gutting process also includes the removal of loose, non-attached objects such as furniture, carpets, curtains etc. from the object that is to be demolished, the objective being to return the building to a status approximating the shell of the building.

Therefore gutting is an important part of what is now called selective renaturation and is a state-of-the-art process due to the provisions of the recycling and waste laws and all other regulations.

The recovery of single-material mineral substances from the building is a prerequisite for qualified recycling of the building materials and requires a careful and consistent gutting process.

Professional gutting work has become particularly important due to the growing emphasis on the economic aspects of "building refurbishment".

The subsequent demolition of the mineral substance of buildings and other constructions is primarily carried out mechanically by our chain driven and mobile hydraulic excavators. The hydraulic attachments required for control dismantling, such as the hydraulic hammers, scrap shears, concrete pulverisers, sorting grabs etc. are cutting edge units and guarantee the controlled dismantling of buildings and constructions both above and below ground whilst keeping the emissions and immissions low.

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