ARGE Baustoffe Rhein Neckar

To ensure consistent realisation of the ecological demands of renaturation and land recycling, we operate the company ARGE Baustoffe Rhein-Neckarbetreiben together with the company RCM Abfallbehandlung GmbH in Mannheim.

Connected to the municipal waste site operation of the town of Mannheim, we use the broken concrete, road debris and other building rubble to produce certified secondary raw materials for road building purposes and industrial use. As a member of the QRB and satisfying the required standards of the quality community, we have an appropriate product status for our recycling material. With a total capacity of around 150,000 tonnes every year, we are one of the highest performing recycling companies for mineral residual substances in the Rhein-Neckar region. ARGE Baustoffe Rhein-Neckar is also a certified specialist disposal company.

Company principles

Our commitment to quality and what you can expect when working with us.
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ARGE Baustoffe

We operate a certified recycling operation together with the company RCM Abfallbehandlung.
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